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Hong Kong

Travelling to new places is hobby of most individuals in this globe. The discovery new culture, tradition, rituals and practices is what we obtain by travelling different place. The excitement happiness felt during Tours are remarkable than any other achievements.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the exceptional secretarial regions of china. Before the transfer of Sovereignty to China in 1997, the city had been a British colony for nearly 150 years. As a consequence of which most of the infrastructure inherits the design and standard of British civilization.  Hong Kong is now renowned for being a leading financial centre in East Asia.  It encompasses of local and some of the most recognized banks from around the world. Well Hong Kong is also legendary for its transition port, transporting a momentous volume of exports from china to the rest of the world. With immense political as well as legal independence, Hong Kong is recognized as the oriental pearl with a bend of British influence in the culture.

Hong Kong is much more than a wharf city. The traveler weary of its crowded avenues may be tempted to describe it as Hong Kongrete. The territory with its cloudy mountains and rocky islands is mostly a rural landscape.  

Climate of Hong Kong

The city has a subtropical climate, but is cooled in winter season by sea breezes. Summer is long, humid and hot with temperatures often exceeding 32 degree Celsius and with night time temperature that do not drop below 25 degree Celsius. Winters are normally placid with day time temperature 18 to 22 degree Celsius and night dipping into 10degree Celsius. Spring and autumns season have average temperature between 21 to 24 degree Celsius.


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